above the clouds

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maria, 19, sophomore at nau


You either love The Princess Bride or you haven’t seen it

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too lazy to masturbate can you do it for me

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good evening class, i would like to welcome you to pussy eating 101


34. What do you masturbate to (porn, smut, imagination, etc.)?

all of the above^^

97. What was your most recent sexual thought?

about how i want to “lick it” by god-des & she ({})


77.  Have you had or do you want to have a threesome (or foursome, or more)?

i sorta had a threesome once?? i’d down for a ménage à trois + if it were with the right people.

96.  What body parts do you find the sexiest?

legs & assssss… not to be superficial or anything.  & when a girl has tattoos, mmm. ;)

41. How big is your penis?

69 cm exactly

feeling drained: emotionally, spiritually, and physically. but, i am strong and i can conquer anything i want because i said so.